Carolina CAT Service Technician Rules and Regulations



We are pleased you have elected to join and participate in the Central Piedmont Community College’s Heavy Equipment & Transport Technology /Carolina CAT Service Technician program.  This program is designed to simulate as much as possible what it will be like in the workplace.  This includes the curriculum, training aids, and internship opportunities. 


The “Rules and Regulations” listed below are also an extension of what of an employer will expect.  We believe this is a VERY important part of the program so you do not learn one type of behavior here and then have a different set of expectations on the job. 


Central Piedmont Community College, Carolina CAT, your fellow students and YOU are investing heavily in this program.  We want to make sure we are all clear and upfront with what it will take to be successful.   This is a GREAT opportunity!   Let’s make sure this works for ALL.  Thank you for your commitment to the program.




Attendance:  The Program requires students to attend and actively participate in classes.   Because there is such a consolidated training program, you must be in class and actively participate to be successful.  Students may not miss more than two (2) seated classes for the duration of the class without penalty.  The student’s final grade will be reduced by ten (10) points at the time of the second unexcused absence.  Thereafter, for each additional absence, the final grade will be reduced by another five points. 


Illness-Emergency Reporting Procedures:  All students must notify the Instructor whenever he/she will be absent and state the reason for the absence.  The Instructor can be reached at (704) 330-4181.  If the Instructor cannot be reached, leave a voice mail.  If no message is received from the student, this will constitute an unexcused absence.  A MESSAGE MUST BE RECEIVED.  IF THIS DOES NOT OCCUR, THE ABSENCE WILL BE RULED UNEXCUSED.


Tardiness:  Just like in the workplace, you must be to work on time.  Tardiness is a disruption to the rest of the class and cannot be tolerated.  Students are expected to be in class on time both in the morning and after lunch.  Class begins at exactly the scheduled time. Anyone entering class after the start time of the class is considered tardy.  Every two (2) tardies will count as one (1) absence.


Dress:  All students are required to wear their dealer-sponsored uniform to school each day.  All uniforms must be clean and tucked in.  Pants must be worn up over your waste without undergarments showing.  No keys, chains or wallets hanging out of pockets.  All belts must be of the type that does not have an exposed buckle, or buckle turned to side of body.


Safety Glasses: I agree to wear approved, non-tinted Safety Glasses at all times while in the lab.

“At all times” means from the moment I enter the lab until I leave.  If I am found to not be wearing my safety glasses appropriately (covering my eyes), I agree to the following consequences:

a.    First offense – Verbal warning from the instructor

b.    Second offense – I will be excluded from that lab for the remainder of the lab and my grade will be reduced

c.    Any offenses while underneath a vehicle – skip automatically to the next highest penalty.  There are no verbal warnings; exclusion for the day is automatic


Jewelry:  Facial jewelry of any type is NOT permitted. This includes ear, nose, lip, eyebrow, cheek rings, studs, etc. Also, when working around or on any equipment, you must refrain from wearing necklaces, rings, or bracelets of any kind, as these items may pose a safety hazard.


Hats:  Hats are permitted in the shop area only!  If a hat has a bill, it must be worn with it facing forward.  The student must wear the dealer –sponsored cap (skullies or beanies are not permitted).


Shoes:  Students must wear leather work boots/shoes with steel toes. We highly recommend oil resistant steel-toed boots. No sneakers, tennis shoes, open toed shoes, or dress shoes are permitted.


Other appearance issues not directly covered by these rules will be considered on a case-by-case basis. CPCC staff will decide what is professional in appearance and what is not.


Hair:  Hair below the collar must be pulled back appropriately.  Facial hair must be well groomed and not constitute a safety hazard.


Hygiene:  Good personal hygiene must be maintained at all times.


Cheating:  Cheating in any manner WILL NOT be tolerated.  Any student caught cheating or allowing or assisting in cheating, will be immediately dismissed from the program.


Disrespectful Behavior:  Talking, whispering, sleeping, laying your head on the desk, passing notes, etc. while the instructor is teaching is disrespectful behavior and will not be tolerated. One warning will be given; a second violation will result in immediate dismissal from the class; third violation will result in dismissal from the program. 


Fellow Students:  Fellow students should also be treated with the utmost respect.  Cooperation and teamwork is a very important part of the workplace and it begins with this program.  Any problem with/between students should be brought to the attention of your instructor.


Instructors/Staff/Guests:  All persons must be treated with full courtesy and respect.  Students, during any association with the instructional staff and/or guests, shall refer to them as “Sir” or “Ma’am” as the case may be. Students are expected to sit straight in their seats and give instructors their undivided attention while in class. 


Participation:  Students are to participate in all areas of instruction to the fullest extent of their ability.


Language:  Profanity of any kind will not be tolerated.


Break:  Students are not permitted to gather in the hallways or other areas of the building.  During breaks students are allowed in the break areas, restrooms or outside.  Students are not to block walkways or doorways.


Cell Phones:  Pagers, cell phones or other electronic devices are not allowed in class.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!


Weapons:  Anyone on College premises or attending functions sponsored by the College is strictly prohibited from having weapons in their possession. This includes visible and concealed weapons, even weapons for which the owner has obtained the required permits.  Any student who either violates these regulations or who fails to report reasonable suspicion of any violation will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal and/or being banned from visiting campuses, suspension, or expulsion.  In addition, he/she is subject to criminal penalties outlined in North Carolina General Statutes 14-269.2 for having a weapon in their possession.


Tobacco/Alcohol/Drugs/Medications/ Food: 

Smoking or use of any tobacco products is prohibited anywhere on campus.  This includes bathrooms, outdoor areas, parking lots, etc.

No alcohol is permitted on campus. If this occurs it will result in immediate dismissal from the program.  No student is to be on campus under the influence of alcohol or with the odor of alcohol on or about him or her.

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of illegal drugs presents a hazard to students, employees, and property and is not permitted at any property in use by the College or while participating in a co-op.  Any student who violates this policy is subject to disciplinary action. Refer to CPCC’s Policy and Procedures No.7.01 at http://www.cpcc.edu/administration/policies-and-procedures/7-01-drug-free-college for complete details.

NO FOOD OR DRINK (EXCEPT BOTTLED WATER) IS ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM AT ANY TIME.  You may eat and drink only in the break areas or outside.

Any student not following these guidelines will be dismissed from class and attendance credit for that day will not be given. After a student has been warned or dismissed from class three times he or she will be dismissed from the program (without refund of any tuition).



By signing this form I am attesting to the fact that I have read or had read to me and I understand all of the Rules and Regulations of Central Piedmont Community College’s Heavy Equipment & Transport Technology program.  By affixing my signature to this form I am also agreeing to abide by each and every rule applicable to Central Piedmont Community College and the Heavy Equipment & Transport Technology program.  I understand that any and all violations of these rules will be made part of my record and that any violation could result in termination from the Heavy Equipment & Transport Technology program.


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